Journeys of a Writer is a unique poetry-photography exhibit by LUCITÀ CEO Birgitte Rasine, encompassing images taken during 20 years of travel.  Each photograph is accompanied by a free-verse poem expressing the essence, context or emotion of the moment the image was captured.

All proceeds from this event will fund young leaders in the Czech and Slovak republics working in healthcare, education and the environment, who want to gain the skills to innovate and lead in these fields in their home countries.  Donations will be received by New York-based non profit organization American Fund for Czech and Slovak Leadership Studies.

Opening night took place on July 22, 2009, at the beautiful, newly remodeled Bohemian National Hall in New York City.  Catering was provided by GustOrganics.  Journeys of a Writer will be open for public viewing through the end of August 5, 2009, from noon to 5pm daily, and on Saturdays by special appointment.  To set up an appointment to view the exhibit or to inquire for more details, please email us.


We would like to thank the following individuals for their donations to the American Fund for Czech and Slovak Leadership Studies:

Ms. Jacquelyn Ottman of J. Ottman Consulting

Ms. Gözde Avci

Mr. & Mrs. Michael and Noni Connor

Anonymous Donor


Upon conclusion of the exhibit in New York, Journeys of a Writer will migrate to an online gallery on the LUCITÀ web site for general public viewing—we'll publish the details in early September.


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