The Colors of Perception takes a unique look at the question “what does social responsibility in the media and communications industries really mean?”

While most reports that involve media and responsibility address how the news media report on CSR, sustainability and other related issues, The Colors of Perception turns the examining glass directly at the media and communications (M/C) sector itself.

In doing so, the report discusses perception, a fundamental element in the M/C sector that has thus far been largely overlooked, examines how perception impacts the relationship between an organization and its communications efforts, explores what actions organizations take to ensure they’re communicating responsibly, and proposes a path toward possible solutions.

In this report, we explore a select group of corporations, small businesses and non profits in sectors ranging from financial services to fair trade to the media itself, and analyze the ways they think about and use media and communications.

Read extensive, frank personal interviews with experienced media professionals and some of the green business world’s most familiar voices:

Amy Domini, Domini Social Investments

Andy Revkin, The New York Times

Ben Cohen, Ben &Jerry’s

David Wecal, Pricewaterhouse Coopers

Gillian Caldwell, WITNESS

Jeff Dvorkin, NPR

John Paluszek, Ketchum

Kim Spencer, Link TV

Michael Braungart, MBDC

Ross Gelbspan, Pulitzer Prize-winning author

Dr. Stephen Schneider, Stanford University

...and others

At a full 130 pages, The Colors of Perception offers a new insight into the intricacies of ethics and responsibility in an industry that affects virtually everyone on the planet... but most of all it’s an invitation to think, to discuss, and to put the power of responsible media to use for your organization.