There are certain things in life that have always been sacred.

Beauty.  Truth.  Health.  Honor and Dignity.  Love.  Balance.  Wisdom.  Patience.  Compassion and Tolerance.

These are time-honored, ancient, archetypal values that breathe through the entire timeline of our brief yet powerful existence on this planet.  These are also the same values that we have been fighting for since our own birth.

And in the quest for ever-greater profits, ever-stronger power, ever-smarter technologies, modern Western society has somehow forgotten how sacred these elements are, to us as human beings and as stewards of our planet. They are intangible, elusive, yet they're everywhere.  But they can only be truly known and understand with a little bit of personal serenity and quiet, with a little bit of self-knowledge and self-awareness.  

We consider that a business, much like a person, needs its own internal passions, that are more than hobbies and more than sustenance.  These passions are our projects.  If you take the time to read about them, you will come to know us a little more.