In late 2015, we wrote the script for an investor-facing video for an innovative digital imaging technologies startup called Aetho.  This video is not available for public viewing due to the sensitive nature of some of the information, but let's just say the team at Aetho loved it, and one of their co-founders said, "This is awesome."  We think their technology is pretty cool too. 


In the fall of 2015, a local Reggio Emilia-inspired school approached us to produce a marketing video that showed life and learning at the school from the point of view of students and staff alike. This has truly been our most favorite video to create, because working with children is incredibly special. While we cannot enable general public access to the video yet, if you would like to view it as a reference of our work, please contact us for temporary viewing permission.


One of our very first client projects, Green Carbon is a 16-minute docudrama about the role of carbon sequestration and sustainable forestry in the context of the Kyoto Protocol. Commissioned by Forest Trends, a non profit organization based in Washington, DC, it was shot on location in Belize and DC under a rather intense production schedule.  

Green Carbon was officially presented at the 13th Sessions of the Subsidiary Bodies of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in September 2000 in Lyon, France. It was subsequently distributed to 36 countries and shown in 2 film festivals.

In addition to producing Green Carbon, we also co-wrote the script and the dialogue with forestry experts from Forest Trends and the World Bank.  

The video is no longer available for viewing (it was shot on BETA, as in, before digital video—remember that?), but below is a still from the scripted dialogue we wrote between two experts, played by actors, discussing the pros and cons of sustainable forestry.


Green Carbon production still


The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, more informally known as the JDC, is one of the oldest non profit organizations in the world. In operation since 1914, the JDC sponsors programs of relief, rescue and renewal for Jewish communities worldwide, but also provides aid to non-Jews in times of crisis.

The JDC originally hired LUCITÀ to produce a special inspirational video for their internal staff. Working with the JDC's marketing and communications staff, we consulted on JDC's broader global vision and how to carry that message throughout the video. We also co-wrote the script and conducted and transcribed the interviews.

The video was so well received that the JDC Board asked us to edit a second version for use as an internal fundraising video.  Following the success of this project, JDC's communications department asked us to collaborate on a number of outreach materials for their internal Global Orientation Program. We edited, re-wrote, and wove a consistent voice and tone throughout all of the 11 powerpoint presentations.

We then ended up providing visual/branding direction as well, redesigning the powerpoints altogether: the first slide below is one of the design concepts, while the second is the final cover chosen. (Both logos are original JDC artwork.)


jdc cover 1


jdc cover 2