It's true. We actually worked with real live rocket scientists. They are some of the most fun people to work with.

In 2004, Derwae & Associates (D+A) in New York, a proposal preparation firm working with government and scientific research bodies, invited us to come aboard an ambitious project: prepare high-tech funding proposals for NASA's Human and Robotic Technology program that were going to be presented to the U.S. government. There were 18 proposals and only 2 weeks to spare.

We joined D+A's team of editors and layout artists, serving as strategic business communications consultants and editors. out of the 18 proposals submitted, only 4 were granted funding. Two of those, according to Robert Derwae, were proposals we edited.

The only thing we regret is not being able to experience editing in zero-g.  Probably better that way... don't want those important words peeling off the page...