There are a billion and one ways to engage your intended audience.  Since most of us can no longer gather around a campfire to tell our stories or ask our questions, the Internet, social media, and good old email will just have to do.  Here are two select client stories.



When public relations expert and G2 Communications founder Shelly Gordon needed someone to help her craft questions for a white paper she was writing about best practices in PR in the medical device and IT sector, her field of expertise, she turned to us.  

Birgitte's experience as a journalist, public relations executive, and a senior writer for the health care industry, came together to help Shelly formulate a sharp series of interview questions—along with recommendations on how to approach the journalists.



UK-based sustainability communications company Futerra came to us to help them develop a pilot outreach campaign for U.S. audiences for the Compass Network, an online community designed to enable people working in sustainability communications to share best practices and exchange ideas, knowledge and experience in their profession.

Knowing that the same content and messaging does not easily resonate with both UK and U.S. audiences, Futerra hired us to develop and write stories that their target audiences here in the United States could relate to. Together with Futerra's team, we identified three demographics they wanted to reach out to and wrote storylines for these audiences. 

We then designed an HTML email template to match the Compass Network web site. The result was a series of three HTML emails sent out throughout the US; see below for one example, or click here to view all three emails.



compass 1