Once upon a time, in a Silicon Valley far far away, Birgitte was writing press releases for Apple Computer.  She wrote about Apple's Masters of Media program, the Smithsonian Tech Awards, Color Sync and the Color Sync Awards, and other cool things we've all since forgotten about... because the rate of technology change today makes the autobahn look like a training ground for tricycles. 

Birgitte also wrote white papers and other materials for Netscape, Sybase, Trilogy, Zip2, Computer Curriculum Corporation, MATRAnet, WebWare, and other companies.  She wrote about embedded web servers, meta data and data warehousing, Internet communications technologies and other things that used to give people headaches.  

Now it's everyday stuff.

And Birgitte has moved on to more headache-inducing projects, like funding proposals for NASA's Martian exploration technologies and cybersecurity software.  Can you see the steam coming off these pages?






*Please note that the companies mentioned in the first two paragraphs of this specific page were not clients of LUCITÀ, but individual clients of Birgitte or clients of firms she worked for directly.  The work described here is intended to display the breadth of expertise and experience of our team.