Lawyers for Green Jobs (L4GJ) is a group of young attorneys passionately committed 
to a green national and local economy in America.  They had all met at NYCELLI, the New York City Environmental Law Leadership Institute, in 2008.  A year later, they had drafted the first all-inclusive model legislation for green jobs for the State of New York.  

It was then that we met them—and were immediately inspired.  It took one meeting for us to agree to become their pro bono strategic communications firm. 

We developed a strategic communications and media outreach plan.  We drafted the group's press releases, designed and produced their media kit, and improved their logo. We attended meetings with lawmakers in Albany.  We celebrated as the bill gained sponsors in both the Assembly and the Senate, and received the disheartening news that the Governor vetoed the bill at the last moment.

This innovative legislation could have helped the State of New York put into place a comprehensive workforce development program to train people for green jobs and stimulate the state’s green economy.  But it's not over yet; many other bills are being introduced and many other green jobs initiatives are being put forth. This is an effort that won't end any time soon.


Download the L4GJ media kit we produced.

View the L4GJ press release we wrote, released on Earth Day 2009.