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ICLEI, the International Council on Local Environmental Initiatives, is a well-known global non profit organization that works with local governments all over the world to keep cities healthy and green.

In 2004, LUCITÀ was selected by ICLEI's US office to redesign its web site. What was originally meant to be a one-time web design project turned into a much larger engagement encompassing the design and build-out of web sites for 9 regional ICLEI offices and its world headquarters in Canada, a launch announcement card, and an unexpected collaboration on the very unique Tsunami Project.

Working with each of the offices, we designed a universal visual environment that would tie all of the regional office web site together, yet allow each one its own distinct flavor. The design you see above is a page from our original ICLEI USA regional office site design.

You can view the displays of three other regional offices here in this portfolio: ICLEI's global headquarters, ICLEI Latin America, and ICLEI Japan. You can also go to the live sites, by clicking on the links below:

Latin America
South Asia
Southeast Asia