blihr web site


In the fall of 2008, we were contacted by BLIHR (Business Leaders Initiative on Human Rights), a business-led organization whose mission is to support the integration of human rights principles and policies into the operations of corporations throughout the world.  BLIHR had been working since its founding in 2003 on a tool, called the Business and Human Rights Matrix, to help companies pull all of their human rights-related information and knowledge together into one place, share it across their organization, and to be able to act on it.

BLIHR asked us to design and build an online version of their new Guide to Integrating Human Rights into Business Management to make the information more accessible and user-friendly to business. Working closely with the BLIHR team, we designed a site to complement, in structure, aesthetics, content and user interface, this online tool. BLIHR produced the Guide in co-operation with OHCHR and UNGC.

Explore the online Guide.