As many languages as you speak...

LUCITÀ is a bilingual company (English/Spanish).  We also speak Czech, Italian, and French.  

Language opens doors to the entire world.  It expands horizons, nurtures understanding, strengthens relationships and forges collaboration.  

Ever wonder why there’s so much intolerance, violence and racism in the world?  An all too often unspoken reason is due to linguistic and cultural differences, which turn first into barriers and then into weapons.  

Not enough of us—here in the U.S. as well as many other countries—speak another language other than our first.  It’s the first step to living a second life, or third, or fourth, and gaining dimensions of perception and perspective you never dreamed of.  To realizing just how alike you are to someone living a thousand miles away. To discovering who you really are, and to stop being afraid of people who look and speak nothing like you.

Traveling without understanding the local language and culture is like interactive television.  You’re there, but you’re not a living breathing part of it.

Try it.  Aprende a hablar un nuevo idioma.  Imparare parlare una nuova lingua.