The following quotes from our clients are gifts. They were not requested, paid for, provoked, extorted by bribes of chocolate or trips to the Caribbean, or otherwise unethically obtained. Each and every quote was expressed by the person cited, entirely of his or her own free will.

All we did is request permission to publish them.

[The] spotlight looks great!  I think the intro does a good job at getting to the point quickly as well
and there are some good technical ditties woven throughout the narrative. Nice work.

Head of content at a 3D printing network in San Francisco

~ ~ ~

I wanted to convey my regards to you on completion of the graphic design for the app.
It has been a pleasure working with you and hope to continue this relation in the future.
Please convey my thanks to the rest of the team. Thank you all for the great work!

Shilpa Modi, CEO, Studio Sutara

~ ~ ~

Birgitte, you are a fabulous editor. Great job editing our content!

Senior Director of Marketing at a cyber security software firm in Silicon Valley

~ ~ ~

We really appreciate not only the excellent quality of your work,
but also your collaborative spirit, flexibility and dedication to Central America Today...
you really do extraordinary work.

Margarita Montes, Executive Director and Editor-in-Chief, Central America Today

~ ~ ~

Since we started our friendship and collaboration with LUCITÀ, we have been pleased with
the unique and valuable contribution [LUCITÀ provides] to Central America Today.
LUCITÀ is a key supplier to us ... We consider LUCITÀ as one of our strategic partners.
We highly appreciate your work and dedication to our magazine.

Rubén Darío Sorto Alvarado, former General Director, Central America Today

~ ~ ~

We wanted to report to you from the worldwide premiere of the Orientation Video and tell you
how beautifully it was received and to thank you again for working with us to create something
that I think we both agree is just going to be a phenomenal tool for JDC.

Rebecca Caspi, Executive Director, Worldwide Human Resource Development, JDC

Allan DeYoung, Director of Communications, JDC

~ ~ ~

We think you're fabulous... I mean that very seriously. Thank you and your team for all of the hard work. 

Michelle Wyman, Executive Director, ICLEI USA

~ ~ ~

It's exciting to see the first-ever comprehensive, integrated web site [for ICLEI]...
I would like to thank... Birgitte and her team for dedicating their imagination and artistic skills
to the challenge of creating a website for our so global and complex organization...
The design is light and friendly and reflects the variety of communities and cities on the globe.
The site is easy to navigate and solves the matrix of programs, services etc. on the one hand,
and regions on the other hand quite excellently.

Konrad Otto-Zimmermann, Secretary General, ICLEI International

~ ~ ~

On behalf of Angela Chen and GAA, please ... accept our thanks for the outstanding contributions you have all made to
developing our site, which I think is exceptional. We ... look forward to working with all of you in the future.

Nestor Nalywayko, Managing Director, GAA LLC

~ ~ ~

We feel very fortunate to have found you. As you know, in this business it is not always easy to find people
that share some of the same fundamental principles. That goes for business and life in general.

AJ Martinich, Director of Sales, NatureSeal

~ ~ ~

The [Cheese Works] sales force was very pleased with the layout of the site and all of the many search functions.
It was a very exciting day and I want to thank you all for your participation in creating what I believe
will be the best specialty food site on the web.

Susan Giambalvo, Marketing Manager, The Cheese Works, Inc.

~ ~ ~

Thanks again for all your help. And did I tell you that two of the four proposals that got funded were edited by you?

Robert Derwae, Principal, Derwae & Associates